Freshly hand-made

We create everything from scratch, in our bakery in Piotrkowska St. No frozen dough or ready-made pastries.

100% Gluten-free

All ingredients are form reliable and certified gluten-free suppliers.

100% Lactose-free

All diary products used in our bakery
are lactose-free.

We deliver in Łódź

Delivery around Łódź available every Friday morning.

Home-made dumplings

Fresh, gluten- and lactose-free traditional Polish dumplings and croques available every Thursday and Friday.

Party cakes made to order

Contact us via phone or message and let us know what you need, we'll make sure your guests can enjoy the cake.

Order fresh, hand-made bread

We want to make ensure high quality and affordable prices. We want you to get the freshest bread possible, but we also care about the environment, so we try to minimize food waste to the bare minimum. 
For those reasons we offer a limited amount of products daily. If you wish to make sure that you can get what you want, let us know via text the day before -  we'll prepare your order and you can pick it up the next day.

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Our products


Gluten-free bread 
made with yeast or sourdough.

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Plain, with seeds, herbs and others, ready to go snacks.

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Sweet bread

Challahs, crescent rolls,
cinnamon buns and others.

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Chocolate, cranberry, oat cookies,
muffins and others.

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cakes and pies

Chocolate cake, apple pie, cheesecake and many others.

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cup desserts

Fruity, creamy, chocolaty.
Vegan and sugar-free options available.

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Party cakes

Order a party cake that every guest can eat.

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Traditional Polish dumplings 
and croques - only Thu-Fri.

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Real and natural bread


It is a great responsibility to provide products for people struggling with food intolerances. Our customers need a 100% certainty that there will be absolutely no traces of gluten in what they eat. Which is why we monitor our food quality on 
a regular basis and choose our suppliers with care. 
Not even a miligram of gluten can be found in our bakery.
All ingredients come from trusted sources, certified with a Crossed Out Grain Trademark to ensure safety.
We are a part of a national program called Menu Bez Glutenu ran by the Polish Coeliac Society.

We operate mostly on a to-order basis, which means we don't always have everything in stock. To make sure that you find what you need in our store, we strongly encourage you to place orders.
All you have to do is send us a text containing your order one day in advance!

Contact us

Piotrkowska 291 93-004 Łódź
 ​+48 579 646 716 

Wed - Thu 8:00 - 17:00
Fri 8:00 - 18:00
Sat 8:00 - 13:00
Sun - Tue Closed


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